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iOS15 changed the ecommerce marketing game forever

Since Apple rolled out its infamous update, ecom marketers everywhere are seeing the same thing you are: Facebook Ads stopped being the powerhouse they used to be. Store owners used to get high ROAS, 6-figure monthly ad spends, and 1000% month-over-month growth are now seeing their businesses hanging by a thread! And with your team and their families depending on your store’s performance for their livelihood… it’s time to add a new channel to your marketing mix to eliminate the uncertainty once and for all.

If your store is generating 20k+ per month, Google Ads is the best ROI marketing strategy to grow for 2022 and beyond

Instead of relying only on cookies and blocked-by-iOS third party private data, Google leverages the most powerful signal there is: search. And when someone is actively searching for a product, and you serve them the right ad? The results are unreal! Just take a look at how some of our stores have been performing lately:

But before we get into how you can get results like these, allow me to introduce myself...

Hi, my name is Ebenezer. I’m a Ghanaian-American entrepreneur, Youtuber, and ecommerce marketer.

Since 2014 I’ve been building Shopify stores, and today, I’m proud to say my stores bring well over 7 figures a year in revenue.

But it wasn’t always like that. When I first got started, getting sales was super hard.

I was spending a lot of money building stores and trying to find winning products with no results to show for it, and I was starting to get desperate.

In 2016 I built a store selling hoverboard scooters.

I spent a whole month sourcing the products from China and Singapore, fighting it out with certifications, shipping times, and trying to get reliable suppliers. And when it came time to launch?

I tried my luck with Google Ads.

I was scared at first, not gonna lie. Google Ads had been around for a while, but I hadn’t tried it because I thought it was only for big brands with big budgets.

But when I finally gave it a shot, I saw amazing results.

In just a few months, my Google Ads campaigns were bringing in more traffic and more sales than anything I had done before. And the best part? My conversion rates were steady and my CPAs became predictable.

And if you’ve been around the block, you know that’s an explosive combo right there. My stores skyrocketed!

In fact, that hoverboard store did $50,000 in sales in under 2 months… with less than a $300 ad budget on Google Ads! And since then, I’ve been hitting success after success with the platform and helping other brands do the same.

And now, I want to help your store as well


Google Ads Service

After building thousands of campaigns across hundreds of stores, I’ve fine-tuned Google Ads to the point where it’s an unstoppable marketing channel for e-commerce. And with our new Done-For-You service, you’ll get us to create and execute your entire ad campaign from scratch, for a fixed one-time fee.

Act fast! Spots are limited and prices are increasing soon

Get a steady stream of high-quality warm traffic

Instead of the low-intent lurkers that come from Facebook and TikTok Ads, you’ll get qualified warm traffic that’s actively looking for a solution on Google and are ready to purchase

Plan ahead with consistent CPCs and CPAs

Your new campaign will tell Google Ads what target costs you want, and it will deliver. The days of the daily fluctuating costs and the unpredictable CTRs will be long gone

FREE of unexpected account bans and restrictions

Rest easy knowing that your store’s primary traffic source is safe from Facebook’s random bans and page restrictions that jeopardize your livelihood based on some opaque algorithm

Here's how it works:

First, we dive deep into your market

We take a hard look at your product, your target audience, and your store. Then, we come up with the best keyword strategy, campaign structure, and ad copy to boost your store orders. In the meantime, you’ll get access to a 3-part video onboarding series to help you get everything ready on your end for us to execute. No stone is left unturned.

Then, we set the campaign up for you

We go into your Google Ads account and set everything up, so you don’t have to fight it out with Google’s complex interface. 24 hours later, we’ll have a 1-hour consultation call to review everything we did and answer all your questions and show you how to simply manage your campaigns before hitting “publish.” After the call, you’ll have your campaign up and running and ready to start seeing the new visitors come your way!

We aim for at least 4X ROAS

Google Ads is known for giving a good return on investment (ROI). We shoot for (and consistently get) a healthy 4X return on ad spend. That means $4 of revenue for every $1 invested in your advertising, and we often achieve even better results!

Results in as little as 2 to 4 weeks

An average agency takes up to 3 months to start seeing results with Google Ads, but with a bit of help from us… we can cut that time dramatically. If you’re already running any kind of advertising, our Google Ads campaigns are proven to start getting results in as little as 3 weeks.

No long term, recurring fees

We don’t agree with the traditional agency model that ties you up with a long-term, 5 figure monthly contract just for looking at your account once in a blue moon… So, we’re doing things differently. You pay a fixed, one-time fee for the campaign’s strategy and setup and that’s it, no recurring, no long-term commitment. 

Easier to maintain that Facebook Ads

With our battle-tested framework, your Google Ads campaign won’t require daily monitoring after it’s published like your Facebook Ads would. That means that you’ll reap the long-term rewards without being hit with a monthly agency invoice from us.

90% of consumers acknowledge that Google Ads influences their purchasing decisions

– Clutch.co

But don't just take my word for it - hear from some of our happy clients:

“I have been a huge fan of Ebenezer’s work for a while now. I’ve used his strategies on my website and it helped to increase my conversion rate by over 70%. He is also one of the top people when it comes to running paid traffic on Google Ads, which is why I reached out to him when I wanted to increase my revenue without burning through a ton of cash. His advice was extremely actionable and helped me generate more sales.”

Matthew H.

“So I was heavily running Facebook & Instagram Ads but about two months ago..Facebook went down for like four hours and I made no money and that’s when I realized that I need another traffic source with just as much volume. Enter, Ebenezer! The campaigns he set up for me are still running til this day at a 4.8 Roas. I’d highly recommend him if you’re looking for someone who knows Google like the back of their hand, he’s your guy.”

Imad K.

“3 months into working with a PPC Agency and getting subpar results & the only semi profitable campaign in my account was my brand campaign I decided to reach out to Ebenezer just to have him audit the account to see if there was more room for improvement than what the agency was telling me. Eb, got my brand campaign from a CPP of $32 to $6! My other campaigns were pretty much at break even and he got my overall account down to a $27 CPP from a $58 CPP.”

Sam M.

Who's this service for?

Google Ads is a sales amplifier, not a demand generator. And because of that, our DFY service is tailored to ecom stores that already have a product with proven demand, and have achieved Product-Market Fit. If that’s the case, Google Ads will amplify your results with predictable, scalable performance! On the other hand, if you’re at the early stages of testing product or just launching your store, then our service is not the right fit (but we’d love to help once you reach PMF!)

Calculate Your Potential Profits:

"Sounds great Eb! How much?"

That’s the best part of our offering. Our standard pricing for this service is $1,200.00, all-inclusive. But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that today! For a limited time, you can get everything we’ve discussed so far for a one-time payment of only $350 for the 1-hour consultation and campaign buildout.

That means that if all this campaign did was bring an additional $5,000.00 in the first month… it would still be worth it!

Ready to grow your store with a consistent flow of high-quality traffic?

Ready to complement Facebook Ads with a dependable ad platform? To stop wasting time tinkering with low-yield marketing channels and finally scale? This service is for you.

But a fair warning: if you’re thinking to take us up on the offer, act fast. Spots are limited and we’ll be increasing our prices soon!


Included with your purchase:

REG PRICE: $2,500 | YOU PAY ONLY: $1,200

Act fast! Spots are limited and prices are increasing soon